Monday, 8 December 2014

Lush Wishlist

Winter is the season I fall in love with baths. On a cold, dark evening there's nothing better than running a hot bath and relaxing. Even though I find going into Lush stores pretty intense, and the strong scent scares me off I do adore their products and they make baths so much more amazing.

Here are some Lush products I've got my eye on -

The Comforter 
This is a bubble bar, you break a bit off under running water and it creates gorgeous bubbles whilst turning the water a nice colour and smelling wonderful. I'm a sucker for berry scents, which this is, and whenever I smell it in the shop it makes me feel all calm and relaxed.

Luxury Lush Pud
This is a bath bomb that makes me feel so festive. The scents are calming and warm with lavender and essential oils. It'll also turn your bath all sorts of pastel colours!

King Of Skin
Sometimes moisturising is a chore, especially when you're in a lazy mood and can't wait for it to sink in. King Of Skin is a body butter that you smooth over wet skin and then wash it off, it'll leave your skin silky smooth and smelling lovely. It's got nourishing ingredients like banana and avocado and exfoliating, soothing ingredients like oats and cocoa butter.

You've Been Mangoed
I adore mango, so obviously this bath melt jumped right out at me! The ingredients are designed to wake up the skin and help you feel nourished and hydrated. There's mango butter, cocoa butter, lemon oil, avocado butter and almond oil…dreamy right!

What's your favourite Lush product?

Monday, 1 December 2014

Ultimate Christmas Wish List | 2014

Happy December! The countdown to Christmas has begun. 
It's tradition for bloggers to do Christmas wish list posts, right?! So, here's mine for 2014.
As always I'd like to clarify that I don't expect any of these, it's simply a fun post to do at Christmas time and it might give you a couple of ideas if you're looking to get people gifts, or you may even see something you'd like yourself.

I quite desperately need a new bag. The one I currently have is one I love, but the zips broken and it's falling to pieces really. I've never bought a Zara bag before, but I know they're brilliant quality and I love the look of this one. But a cheaper, and lovely looking other one is this from H&M.

NARS Sheer Glow 
Have I mentioned this enough? I tried a sample of this foundation in the shade Mont Blanc and I fell in love.

Clarins Exfoliating Toner  
I'm ashamed to admit I don't currently have a toner…and I exfoliate my face less than I should. Every review I've read about this product has been outstanding, and it sounds perfect for me.

YSL Black Opium 
It was love at first sniff. This perfume is gorgeous!

Soap and Glory stuff 
A classic. I've run out of all my Soap & Glory products, I'd love some more of their body butter and body wash…their scrubs are pretty fab too. The 'smoothie' scent is amazing.

Hair Straighteners 
I always curl my hair with a waving wa
nd, but because I have layers I get the inevitable flicks which I have to tame with straighteners. I currently have to steal my sisters….sorry Maddie.

Dressing Gown 
Who doesn't want a snuggly, cosy dressing gown for the cold months?!

My current purse has been with me for years…it's a bit battered. Any simple, nice, chunky, quite plain purse with plenty of space for money and masses of cards would be great.

MAC Lipstick - Creme In Your Coffee
I really want a MAC lipstick that's an everyday shade. Creme in your Coffee is a gorgeous pinky brown shade that would be ideal. Who doesn't love a MAC lipstick?!

The Mystery Of Mercy Close 
I always like to get a new book for Christmas, and this one by Marian Keyes is on my wishlist.

Topshop Jumper
I need more snuggly jumpers, and I love the colour of this…surprise, surprise…it's grey.

Yoga Mat 
I took up yoga earlier this year and I've become addicted to it. The benefits are get from doing it are amazing, but I need a mat! A towel doesn't really cut it. They do some good ones at TK MAXX.

What are you hoping will be under your
tree this Christmas?

Thursday, 13 November 2014

My New Red

I've always struggled to find a red lipstick that I like, either they make me look washed out, they don't suit my skintone, I don't like how they wear or I just don't feel comfortable in them. On a recent trip to Boots I was drawn towards the new L'Oreal Collection Exclusive Pure Reds (£6.99), this collection is similar to their Collection Privee Exclusive Nudes. The range has 4 different reds, all designed to suit different celebrities skin tones, the idea is you choose which skin tone is most similar to yours and that red should be perfect for you.
I picked up Eva's red. My skin is a lot paler than Eva Longoria's, but it's warm toned and to be honest I just loved the look of the lipstick. It's a pure brick red, with a gorgeously matte finish, and I adore it.

I think I'm quite fussy with reds because I'm fairly pale with olive undertones to my skin, I hate reds that aren't matte as well, I can't stand bold lipsticks that fade quickly or go patchy and I don't want to spend too much on reds as I'm never sure if I'm going to like them or not.
The L'Oreal collection caught my eye because I knew they'd be at least one I liked the look of…some of the shades are too pink based or too cool, but Eva's just stood out to me instantly.
The packaging of products is what draws me to them at first, I know you shouldn't judge a product by the packaging but I'm definitely guilty of doing so. The packaging of this lipstick is probably my favourite of all the lipsticks I own, it feels expensive, the lid clicks on so there's no fear of it coming off in your makeup bag and it's also really pretty with Eva's signature on the front.
The bullet is shaped really nicely, meaning it's easy to apply without needing a lipliner, yay for less faffing about when you're in a rush!
The application is perfect, it goes on so smoothly, evenly and doesn't feel sticky, tacky or drying.
The wear is damn good! I put it on at about 5:30pm the other night, I went out, had drinks and even some nibbles and when I checked at about 8:15pm the lipstick still looked almost perfect. The boldness had faded slightly, but it was even and looked pretty great…I'm very impressed! This is probably down to it being a matte formulation, and I also applied it by dabbing it into my lips first, then applying a full on layer….those things definitely help with lipstick longevity.
The colour is beautiful. It's a true red, with no blue or pinky undertones to it. If anything it's a lighter shade of brick red, that I think would suit more or less any skin tone. It's matte, bold, and can be built up or sheered down.

I'd definitely recommend trying one of the four lipsticks out from this range, I think I'm even going to go back and get a second one!

Tuesday, 4 November 2014

Holy Grail High Street/Drugstore Foundation

It's taken me a while to find a high street foundation that I actually love and would repurchase again and again. I've tried quite a few cheaper foundations over the years, and none have impressed me that much, until I tried the Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation.

With no makeup (I have redness and spot scarring)
Wearing only Bourjois Healthy Mix

There's quite a lot of hype around this product, but I put off buying it for a while as it is on the pricer side of high street foundations….it's £9.99, which isn't expensive but considering I'd been using the Rimmel foundations which are £4 cheaper it did seem like a leap.
But I took the plunge and bought it back in the Spring, and I'm so glad I did!

I purchased the Healthy Mix foundation in the lightest shade of Light Vanilla, which actually isn't that pale….that's the only complaint I have about this line, the shade range isn't brilliant.
Light Vanilla is slightly yellow toned, which suits my skin as I have olive undertones, and it's light but not so light that it would work on a very pale skinned girl.
The packaging is great. Pump - check, proper lid - check, non-cheap feeling bottle - check. Winner.
The scent is fruity, but not artificial. Healthy Mix is enriched with fruit therapy formulas; apricot for radiance, melon for hydration and apple to 'protect your youth'.
The coverage is medium, in my opinion. I've seen that most people say it's a light coverage, which it can be if it's sheered down, but on me and the way I apply it (with a Real Techniques Expert Face Brush) definitely gives me enough coverage for everyday wear. The finish it gives is natural, but glowing; not matte but not so dewy that you look sweaty either. I find it particularly great at minimising the appearance of pores and boosting complexion. It doesn't feel at all heavy or sticky on the skin either.
The consistency isn't runny like a quite a few lighter foundations, but it's not thick either. It's very easy to work into the skin, and blends seamlessly.
The wear Bourjois claim is up to 16 hours….who even wears their foundation for that long anyway?! 16 hours wear definitely is not the case on my skin - there's sure signs of fading away during the day, but not enough that it bothers me. By the end of the day (without any touch ups) the foundation is still there, it's just not as strong a coverage. Powdering obviously helps with the longevity.
The skin type Healthy Mix foundation would suit is probably anyone! A friend of mine with oily skin uses this and adores it, I have dry, sensitive skin and I adore it also.

I can't really fault it, and I can't see myself straying from it any time soon. It's a must-have for me!  
Well done, Bourjois. 

Friday, 31 October 2014

'One Of Each' Wishlist

I decided to put a spin on this wishlist post, so I'm allowing myself only one item per category to make it a little more varied and maybe a bit more interested.

Ever since this gorgeous dressed graced the Topshop website I've had the tab open, endless staring at it…is that sad? I adore the style, the colour and the simplicity of this dress. I think it could be dressed up or dressed down to look more casual. I saw it in the shop too, it looks and feels very well made, the fabric is thick and expensive feeling and the colour is warm and vibrant.
The only issue is the price…£45! I mean, you can get 10% off if you're a student but that's still a lot of money. *Prays it goes into the sale*

NARS Sheer Glow…a beauty bloggers favourite, a cult classic and a makeup product I need in my collection. I tried a tester of this foundation in Mont Blanc and totally adored it, now I would very much like the full sized bottle.

Since I lost weight all my rings, apart from my beloved Pandora ring, are too big for me…so I need some more. These silver ones from ASOS are quite unusual and I love the look of them.

I've heard a fair few people rave about the PIXI Glow Tonic - bloggers, skincare experts, random people on twitter, and after hearing it's promises I've decided it sounds like a product for me. It's an exfoliating and brightening toner that removes dead skin cells and leaves the skin looking and feeling healthier.

I've mentioned before that I'm very fussy with scents, I don't like anything too sweet, too floral, too musky or too mature. When in Boots the other day I did the obligatory spraying of all the fragrances in the perfume section of the shop. After getting a whiff of Black Opium by Yves Saint Lauren I proceeded to not only spray myself with it, but douse my scarf in the stuff so it hopefully would linger around for a long time. My goodness this perfume smells good! It's got notes of black coffee, white florals and vanilla….SO good, and perfect for all year round. Also, how amazing is the bottle?!

What are you currently wishing for?