Sunday, 31 August 2014

Fashion Wish List - September 2014

A new season is just around the corner, which means all the shops are getting new stock in, which results in me endlessly pining over new clothes, shoes and accessories.

I went into New Look the other day and saw this top and this jacket put together and the combination made me turn into that love heart emoji. The two colours go together so nicely - the crepe blazer style jacket (£24.99) is a light grey and the top with scallop hem (£12.99) is a dusky pink, both items of clothing are simple yet really pretty, and I really do need some new short sleeve shirts. Also, both the jacket and the top are under £25, New Look is great for bargains.

I have got an obsession with checked shirts. I only own one but I adore it and I always see others I want, this white one (£17.99) from New Look is really nice and inexpensive, I love that it would go with any colour jeans too.
I also saw these shoes (£14.99), which I'm sure will be a love/hate item, but I like them and I reckon they'd be super comfortable, a great style for going from Summer to Autumn and would go with more or less every outfit.

Urban Outfitters jewellery is my favourite, can I have it all? These are the pieces I'm currently dreaming of. Two necklaces - one has a double chain with a circle and triangle pendant (£12), and the other is a shorter necklace with a crystal and a coin on it (£14). This geometric bracelet with black drawstring fastening (£6) is the sort of style I'm drawn to a lot at the moment.

ASOS is a dream, isn't it? I daren't spent too long on the site or I'll end up with 200 items in my wish-list, at the least. But I did find these two items which I adore. The first is a stripy top (£12), such a staple piece that I need in my wardrobe. The second is another checked shirt (£28), surprise surprise, I like this one a lot..the colours are right up my street, I love the oversized style and the fabric looks so soft.

This wish-list was cut down by quite a few items, but still ended up being long….so I do hope you enjoy long blog posts! I'd love to know what piece of fashion you are looking to buy for the new season. 

Thursday, 14 August 2014

What I Ate Today #1

I love food, and I'm always interested what people eat during the day (I really love Instagram food pages), so I thought I'd start a new series on what I eat during the day. I'm obviously not going to do it every single day, but maybe once every couple of weeks. I've actually had a few requests for this as well, especially since I started being really healthy and have lost weight.
Hope you're all as nosey as me! So, this is everything I ate during the day…apart from a few nuts that I forget to include.

Most mornings I have the same. Bran Porridge Oats from Sainsburys made with Unsweetened Alpro Almond milk (much better for you AND so much nicer than cows milk or Soya), then I mixed in some flaxseed, and on top we've got strawberries, blueberries, blackberries and flaked almonds. For my drink I have a Pineapple & Grapefruit green tea by Twinings. So yummy, filling, good for you and full of nutrients.

I normally work out after breakfast, so for my lunch I like to have something full of protein to help my muscles and refuel my energy. Today was a 2 egg omelette. I cooked courgette, tomatoes, mushrooms, onion and Quorn wafer thin chicken slices in coconut oil and then added the eggs with some chilli flakes and mixed herbs. I added some rocket on the side too! For my drink I had water with a slice of lemon. 

Afternoon snack
When it gets to about 3pm-4pm I get peckish. So, I had a cup of plain green tea and one of these tasty Nakd bars. This one is Cocoa Mint, it's made with dates, cashews, raisins, cocoa and natural mint, and it's just cold pressed…nothing artificial, no added sugar and it's dairy, gluten and wheat free! So, it's not naughty but it feels like such a treat.

Sorry for the awful picture, this is why I like natural lighting. 
Dinner was delicious kedgeree made by my mum, with a poached egg on top and some rocket on the side. Yum yum! 

Third green tea of the day - this one was mango and lychee, and an Alpro Soya Cremoso mango yogurt.

What did you eat today?

I hope you like this new series!

Monday, 11 August 2014

Idolising Celebrities

Idolising celebrities. It's something many people do, and recently I've seen quite a few people have debates about whether it's right or not…mainly on YouTube (e.g. SprinkeOfGlitter), and I wanted to share my own view on the topic.

Pretty much every young person has a celebrity or public figure like a YouTuber or blogger they look up to, which is cool, that's fine, but I often think people take it too far and get swept up in the persona that person puts on in front of cameras, in interviews or just generally in public view. I think people forget these celebrities are actually real people, people with faults, insecurities and worries.
I see far too many young people, mainly girls, saying "ohh I wish I was *insert celebrity name here*" or "*so and so* is so perfect!" and it bugs me ever so much, for various reasons.

Whether you like it/believe it or not the person you see in front of cameras, whether it's an A list actress, a member of a band, a YouTuber or a blogger, is never going to be the full and true them 100%, you're never going to see every accept of their life, every emotion they feel and everything they go through. That person will naturally only want people seeing the best parts of themselves, and they'll always put across who they want people to see them as…i.e happy, funny or confident, when it could be very far from the truth. I know from experience that even I put on a persona to people I meet. I've been told numerous times that I come across as very calm and confident, when in reality I'm a very anxious and insecure person.
It's the same with how people look, an example of this is that YouTubers know when they're going to sit down and film so of course they'll put on nice clothes, do their hair all nicely, put some makeup on, make sure their lighting is good, etc, so the person you're seeing is the best version of themself. I'm sure they look very different at the end of the day when their makeup has worn off, they're sat on a sofa in pyjamas that maybe need a wash and their hair is pulled back in a messy bun (not that looks matter, but remember no-one looks glamorous 24/7).
Celebrities and public figures live in reality too. Fact. Every single person on this planet has things they wish they could change about their appearance or how they are, even people you may look at as being the perfect human being. I guarantee you if you were to wake up one morning in the body of the person you wish to be you would see it totally differently, because we all see ourselves in the most critical way. I think it's also important to remember that age plays a huge role here…young girls look up to people who are older than them, and with age comes the ability to not care so much what people think of you which results in more confidence and an aura that brings envy to teens who are still in that stage of life where they believe everyone is staring at them, and everyone cares about what hairstyle they have (which honestly, they don't…and if they do then so what? They're not worth your time).

Admiring a certain aspect of someone I can relate to a lot more, e.g. I admire Zoe (Zoella) for doing huge things when she suffers with anxiety, I admire Carrie Fletcher for always being true to herself and for being very honest in her videos, I admire actresses who went for their dreams and achieved so many things, recently I've had huge admiration for Tullulah Willis (Demi Moore and Bruce Willis's daughter) for speaking so openly about her struggles with body dysmorphia, and I admire anyone who stands up for important issues…but admiring those aspects doesn't mean I admire every single thing those people do, and it doesn't mean I think they're perfect or want to change who I am to be them.
I think in life it's a great thing to just be who you are, have your own morals, have your own style, have your own personality and don't try to conform to be somebody who you see as being better than yourself, because honestly they aren't and I'm sure they would happily tell you that.

So yes, we can learn from public figures, we can admire certain things they achieve and of course they can inspire us, but ultimately no-one is perfect and I bet you have things about yourself that others look at and think "damn, I wish I was like that".
I definitely need to take my own advice, because I still worry about what others think of me; I'm only human after all, but I have let go a bit and relaxed a lot more and honestly it's the best thing you can do.

Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Sheer Red For Summer

Revlon Lip Butters are on of my all time favourite lip products, and definitely my favourite for Summer time. They're moisturising, not heavy, have a good colour pay off and the range of shades is fantastic.
For my birthday, back in March, I got the shade Wild Watermelon, which I've wanted for such a long time.

Sheer swatch
Built up swatch

Wild Watermelon is going to be my must have lip product for Summer, it's a beautiful bright red with pink undertones, it can be sheered out or built up to look rather intense. I quite like wearing it sheered out slightly, just so it's not so full on for an everyday look. However, I am going on holiday to Menorca in just over 2 weeks (eeeeek, prepare for an envy filling blogpost when I get back) and I reckon this shade will look oh so beautiful with a tan, especially when it's built up to a gorgeously bold colour.

When the weather is hot I really don't like wearing 'proper' lipsticks, you know the heavy ones, that can be quite matte, or have a thick constancy. They feel too much like they're suffocating my lips and I always have the urge to get a tissue and get rid! I always opt for the sheerer or more creamy products. Revlon Lip Butters fit the bill perfectly!

Monday, 16 June 2014

Percy & Reed - Wonder Balm | REVIEW

Whenever I get free hair products with a magazine I have this pre-judgment that they're not going to be very good, I don't know why, but I do. So when I got the Percy & Reed Wonder Balm (£18) free with the April issue of ELLE I didn't think much of  it, and kind of forgot about it. However recently my hair has been feeling quite dry, and none of my products seem to be working as well as they used to, so I dug out the Wonder Balm and I really like it.

The 'Perfectly Perfecting Wonder Balm' is a leave in balm that you apply to damp hair, either on it's own or before your normal products to act as a primer. The balm claims to give you moisture, shine, smoothness, definition, softness, light hold, high humidity protection and manageability…that's a lot of things to promise! I personally like to apply a small amount before my TRESemme Oil Elixir (which is great if you have dry/frizzy hair), the balm doesn't have a particular scent but it's just quite fresh, it's a fairly runny consistency and it doesn't weigh my hair down at all.
I have noticed that it seems to make the oil elixir work better than it normally does - my hair seems to feel smoother, softer and stay that way for a longer time. I feel like it does prime my hair well, as the TRESemme product now doesn't feel so oily or weigh my hair down. It's no miracle product, but it has helped to tame my hair as it can go a little bit crazy.
I'm yet to try about the 'high humidity protection' promise, but I'm off to Menorca in just under 3 weeks, so I'll be popping the Wonder Balm in my suitcase to test it out, I'm hoping it works otherwise I will resemble Monica from Friends when they went to Barbados (not a good look).

All in all I would recommend this product if your hair is feeling a bit limp and lifeless, it will certainly give it a kickstart back to smooth, soft, manageable hair.